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The Issue

Young people, especially teenagers, are increasingly vulnerable to sexual exploitation and trafficking, both online and offline. Perpetrators often utilize social media and online platforms to target and exploit them. Statistics show a concerning trend: online sexual exploitation surged by 162% between 2014 and 2020, with men and boys being accused in 91% of these offenses. Awareness and education are crucial to empower youth to recognize these risks and prevent exploitation.

The Workshops

✓ Are engaging and interactive!

✓ Are for high schools, youth groups, and agencies that work with youth

✓ Meet grade 9-12 phys-ed and health curricular outcomes in Manitoba

✓Are flexible to fit your schedule

✓ Promote gender equality

✓ Create a healthy school environment

✓ Presented at no cost

✓ Each presentation is 60 minutes long

If you’re interested in our workshops, please email

If you’re interested in our workshops, please email