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Education and Awareness

  • We believe that educating and engaging with the public are powerful tools for change.
  • We offer trainings and workshops for schools, social service and newcomer agencies and other workplaces.
  • We provide information on the impact of the sex industry, the connection between sex buying and trafficking as well as practical steps to address these issues.

Online Engagement

  • We use innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to engage with men who are looking to buy sex online.
  • Our focus is to build rapport and provide information about the impact of sex buying.
  • We offer virtual support to men who are interested in their journey towards healing and recovery.

Support Services for Men

  • We provide services to men to address issues in their lives that contribute to sex buying such as mental health issues, pornography use, abuse, and other factors.
  • While we believe that sex buyers should be held accountable, we also recognize the need to provide space for solutions for them to move forward in healthier ways.
  • This may include short term supports, referrals to therapists, sex addiction groups and other services.


  • We are conducting research with the University of Manitoba (Faculty of Social Work) to increase and share our knowledge about men’s reasons, beliefs and behaviours regarding their involvement in buying sexual services.
  • This will inform our work to develop services for men and advocacy.


  • We engage with law enforcement agencies like police and crown attorneys to highlight the connection between sexual exploitation, sex trafficking and sex buying.
  • This provides an opportunity to exchange information and discuss current trends.
  • We encourage law enforcement to include demand related strategies in their work.

Building New Partnerships

  • We believe that leaders in the corporate and non-profit sector can play an important role to address sexual exploitation and trafficking.
  • They can promote training and policies for their employees on sexual exploitation and trafficking.
  • This includes policies that prohibit the purchase of sexual services during work hours or beyond that.